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Super foods are flavour of the month in the food world.   However, super foods are not a new idea.  The ancient peoples were using them centuries ago – the Chinese had ginseng, the peoples of the Andes, Maca  and Spirulina.     Twenty-first century people can take its own versions of these super foods and among those which are excellent is
GREEN MATRIX –  a combination of a number of algaes and greens with the added bonus of being a tachyonised product.

Tachyonisation is a process invented by Dr David Wagner to bring harmony and balance to the energy body.


Designed for lovers, but especially fantastic for menopausal and post-menopausal
women, PASSION DEW is the wise person’s alternative to KY Jelly and vasoline. 
As the label says, it is an extremely effective personal lubricant that is tachyonised,
water soluble, organic and has no adverse effect on condoms.

You can obtain these, and other Advanced Tachyon Technologies Products from
www.tachyon-partners.com  When you are in the website enter as the user name Gail.

Although we shall generally be focusing on Advanced Tachyon Technologies products, when we know that something else may be useful, we shall mention it.  This month we are including Quorus One as we know it has helped a number of friends.  If you are suffering from arthritis and perhaps destined for a hip or knee replacement you may find some relief by taking a course of Quorus One tablets, for just 2 weeks.  Quorus One contains Cetyl myristoleate, and other extracts which are believed to improves its benefits.   (This is not an endorsement of any other product sold by Natural Essentials.)
For more information go to www.naturalessentials.com
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