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Emotrance is a simple and safe technique which restores the “even flow” of energy in the body.  Easy to learn and simple to use, it can bring about an astonishing transformation in our lives.  As well as restoring a sense of health and well-being, it can be used to draw energy from wherever we need it.  Whether completing an assignments or learning to fly  a plane, Emotrance is right there to enable us complete our desires!  

Its foundation is the healing of our energy body with the resulting effects on our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being.  Once we become proficient in its use, the wider applications are as many and varied as the people practising it.  
  • As an artist you can refine your technique.
  • As a car driver you can become more confident, aware of your own safety and that of others.
  • With foods you like, the enjoyment can be enhanced.
  • With foods you don’t like you may make some surprising discoveries.
  • For practitioners of other therapies, especially EFT and TFT, Emotrance is a powerful enhancer and adjunct.


Gail Bradley. Trained by Dr Silvia Hartman.  Gail is a qualified social worker, teacher and trainer.  She has worked extensively in prisons and probation, using complementary therapies to help in personal development.   She is works with Thought Field Therapy, Tachyon Wellness, Tachopuncture and nutrition.  She is the author of “Planning for a Healthy Baby” (with co-author) and numerous papers on the effects of nutrition on behaviour.

Margarita Foley is an Advanced Practitioners and Trainer of Emotrance.  She also practises reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Reiki healing and other Meridian Therapies, including Emotional Freedom Technique.  She has also been trained by Dr Silvia Hartman.

Couse details:

The next Emotrance course will be published in due course.  Details from Margarita Foley on 07984 744471 or 0208 801 9883

Day 1 – introductory day for anyone wishing to learn the basics to use Emotrance in their day-to-day life.
Day 2 – practitioners day.  This is the training day for those who wish to become certified Emotrance Practitioners.  It is essential that anyone doing this day has first undertaken the introductory day.

Both days run from 10 a.m. to 4 p. m.  Lunch is not provided, but there is a kitchen in the hall and local hostelries.

The High Energy Project is delighted to offer this training at a special introductory rate of £50 for the first day and £175 for both days, in recognition that this is our first course in Devon.

For further details please email

Gail Bradley

What others have said about Emotrance:

While having a head and shoulders massage, I became aware of how the stress and tension of recent traumatic experiences were affecting me emotionally and slowing down my body.
A few minutes of Emotrance worked wonders for my feelings and enhanced the effects of the massage.  I am simply amazed.

Celine – Paris

My life was a continuous “merry-go-round” of thoughts about my problems.  I felt I was at a place of no exit.  Emotrance helps me to be more aware of my body and the existence of an energy body.  I have learned to recognise the messages from my energy body through my emotions.  What a discovery!  I resisted using it at first as it seemed almost too simple.  I am now discovering for myself the wonders it can bring about.

Mia - London

For details of the courses on Energy Magic and Values in Healthcare Settings please contact Gail Bradley

Further details on the Values in Healthcare Settings course may also be seen on www.jankifoundation.com
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