Energy Magic

If you want a simple and practical introduction to life energy, Energy Magic is the programme for you.  In this day programme, offered in 2 two-hour sessions you will learn about:

  • The energy body and its relationship to the physical body;
  • Factors which may raise energy;
  • Factors which may deplete energy;
  • The Use of Advanced Tachyon Technologies to bring balance to the energy system.

You will also gain the following practical skills:

  • Exercise programmes for daily use;
  • The use of muscle testing to assess factors which affect energy;
  • Thought Field Therapy algorithms for stress and trauma relief;

Energy magic is offered on the 3rd Sunday each month in Notting Hill Gate, London (15th June, 20th July, 17th August) and ....
on 22 June and 27th July in the Exeter area."

Cost:  £75 in London and £50 in Exeter.
NB.  Children over 10 years of age are free
(Exeter area only and accompanied by a parent)

No-one can attend the second session without having done the first.

Presenters: Gail Bradley and Qi Ming

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